Thursday, April 28, 2011

13" Mac Book Pro and iPhone4 Hotspot

The relatively new hotspot function that was added with IOS4.3 on the iPhone has made the 13" Mac Book Pro and my iPhone4 perfect traveling companions, with one exception.  Lets focus on the good first.

For me, the hotspot function on my iPhone has sealed the deal with utilizing the laptop over the iPad2.  With my secure connection I'm up and running in no time while traveling.  While I'm not an everyday rail commuter, I did recently travel to the big city and found myself on a few rails utilizing my laptop and iPhone.

I find the little 13" Mac Book Pro the perfect travel size.  Its small enough for any of my briefcases or backpacks, with plenty of room left over for paperwork and accessories.  Up until the hotspot option, I had to rely on an air card.  I don't consider myself lazy, but it used to drive me crazy having to start up the computer, then plug in the air card, then after it loaded, click connect etc etc.  That is the old way now.  I've streamlined everything and I'm practically going instantly with the hotspot on my side at all times.

The one exception I mentioned above is when collaborating on projects on the road where I need to talk on the phone and utilizing Google Docs online; Houston we have a problem. Maybe one of these days I'll be more comfortable with Google Talk and that will solved the problem.  For now though I will find hotspots like Starbucks to utilize both the phone and computer at the same time.  

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